Awesome Strategy Games for an Android Phone

Children, in this century, can play games without the existence of mortal playmates. They would just need to grab their gadgets, and they are in for a digital game that makes them sit at the sofa for hours and hours. Among the gadgets that have turned into a possible connection to strategy games is the Android phone. Five of the best strategy games accessible Android mobiles are laid out below:

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  1. Battle for Mars

Fight for Mars is almost the exact replica of the famous Advance Wars game. This is a turn-based strategy game with excellent graphics and animations, coupled with fine written storylines. It sets three races at war with one another and you, as the participant, can choose which race to control. You can play it by capturing the construction to form units and moving then for interplanetary wars. The maps of the game are in fact big for a normal mobile game-enough to equal those found in older PC games.

  1. Military Madness

If battle for Mars is from Advance Wars, then Military Madness is from TurboGrafx-16. This Android game is truly an updated version of the mentioned console game that was released few years ago. The game’s main principle is quite the same as that of the Turbot’s-which is, you need to engage your enemies in a grid-based warfare by using each turn to progress your futuristic forces. The difference, however, is that Military Madness has advanced warfare tactics.

  1. Guns ‘n’ Glory

If you are a Dote enthusiast, then you will certainly enjoy this new game. Guns ‘n’ Glory really carry the identical basic principles together with the dote, using the never ending defence approaches. As a participant, you will need to stop a whole lot of trespassers from entering your land by making use of a gang of bandits and defensive towers. This Android game includes a customized touch and drag control system and beautiful crisp graphics in forza horizon 4 mobile all sufficient to keep you hooked.

  1. Robot Defence

Robot Defence is now the hottest tower defence game for the Android OS. It has almost every feature you can ask for in a game-from excellent graphics to open maps to plenty of updates and achievements. Like another famous games, Robot Defence can also be based on a previously released game.

This time, it is field runners but unlike the latter, this brand new game already added few great features. Robot Defence requires you to put up a defence against swarms of opposing units utilizing defensive gun turrets. The practical side of the game is that it is a free version available in the event you first need to test it before actually purchasing.