Men always love to wear silk attires for special events

Silk shirts are dramatic and are stylish available in wide variety of prints and solids. The material being delicate, gives a fragile look as against by the look of a crisp button down cotton shirt look. These are extremely ubiquitous and are greatly in demand due to their versatility. Though they are fragile it is easy to take care of, thanks to modern day fool proof construction due to which silk is blended with materials that are durable. It is not imperative to wear silk shirts only for special occasions they have become more versatile in today’s world than ever. One has to find the right silk attires and silk robes for men in both online and off line stores.

Undoubtedly, silk attires give both dressy as well as classical attire though they are very tricky to wear. If not worn carefully, silk shirt may give overdone, gaudy or trapped in a wrong decade look like in end of the last century. If a person is interested in embracing the style of wearing silk shirt, it is necessary to tread carefully. Usually whenever one thinks of ‘silk’, the picture that comes to mind is that of a shirt that is shiny and smooth. Now-a-days trend of silk shirts have changed with many designers designing them with lengthy sleeves, straight hems, side pleats and button down in the front. These designer shirts hang freely and have a loose fitting. Dressy shirts can be worn underneath tuxedos and should always be with pockets that are square and ties.

silk robes for men

Matches for all other attires

Designer silk shirts give a casual laid-back look. The vibrant colors and prints of these silk shirts give a holidaying look. These shirts can be matched with khaki pants, slacks and chinos. Shoes that are close toed will go well with this kind of shirts but care should be taken when wearing this kind of shoes. Shoes accompanying these shirts should not have squared soft toes, laces and should not be a slip-on. Even sandals go well with this shirt.

The great advantage is their ease in maintenance of these kinds of casual silk wears. Most can be machine washed and do not need a dry cleaning. For people who travel frequently, buttoned up silk shirts are easy to wear and wrinkles gradually fall. Silk oxford shirts which have long sleeves and collars are a perfect addition to the working classes wardrobe.