The Most Popular Types of Silk You Should Know About

Silk is one of the most popular types of fabrics today, which is mostly used as bedding, pillowcase, and sleepwear. Hence, you’ll find all kinds of sleepwear made out of silk, such as mens silk robe, silk pajamas, and many more. It improves your sleep and offers tons of exciting benefits to your hair and skin. That’s why it’s an excellent fabric that experts would usually recommend to those who want to avoid unhealthy aging, have tangle-free hair, and have moisturized and hydrated skin. So if you’re looking for the perfect bedding and sleepwear, silk should be your go-to.

If you’re currently thinking about using silk for your bed and changing your cotton pajamas to silk pajamas, then you must know the top three silk types available today. These different kinds of silk vary in the silkworm used, which is why there’s silk that’s more expensive than the others. So read on below to know what these three main silks are.

Mulberry Silk

Probably the most expensive and luxurious of all the silk is Mulberry silk, which is made exclusively from silkworms that only eat a diet of Mulberry leaves. These are woven carefully into the soft and high-quality fabric, and the manufacturers make sure that these are handled properly to maintain their quality. It’s so smooth that many dermatologists recommend this kind of silk for those who have sensitive skin that’s easily aggravated and irritated. It’s breathable, lightweight, and has an iridescent glow to it. Without a doubt, your sleep and comfort will be elevated with the help of Mulberry silk.

Charmeuse Silk

Charmeuse silk is another popular type of silk, which is made with a unique method of weaving. As a result, one side has an extra luster, and the other is dull and coarse. So it’s perfect for materials that don’t require you to showcase both sides of the fabric, such as beddings and pillowcases. But Charmeuse is being used in all types of clothing, too, as long as you’re wearing something below it, so you don’t have to feel the dull side because it can get irritating to the skin at times.

Habotai Silk

The third type of silk is called Habotai silk, which is more well-known as classic silk. These are mostly used for creating scarved. It’s velvety and smooth to the touch, which has a stunning drape accompanied by a very soft surface. So aside from Charmeuse and Mulberry silk, the Habotai silk is a great choice for sleepwear if you want something that slides across your skin effortlessly. Just make sure to choose one with a higher momme count because that’s the basis if the silk is luxurious and durable because Habotai silk can sometimes be thin.