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Attic Insulation Services Ajax: A Beginner’s Guide

Insulation in your house and attic is vital, even if it’s seldom thought of or seen. Your home will be more energy efficient if your attic is insulated. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing that your home is free of tainted insulation that could harm your health.

Does Your Attic Need Insulation?

If you haven’t gotten your attic cleaned and inspected in a while, now is the time to do so. Even if you don’t go into your attic quite often, the insulation there serves as a vital thermal barrier against heat transfer. Whether you have fiberglass insulation, foam insulation, Rockwool insulation, or other types of insulation, you should inspect it regularly to ensure that it is adequate and in excellent shape.

If you haven’t arranged attic insulation services ajax inspection yet, here are some important indicators that you could require new insulation:

You probably have rodents in your attic if you hear gnawing in your ceiling or walls. If the rats are nesting in your insulation or goods kept in the attic, you’ll almost definitely need to schedule an examination to figure out what to do next to keep them out.

If you’ve seen an increase in your energy bills, then your insulation isn’t performing as well as it once did. There are several causes for this, including water damage from a leaking roof, a mouse infestation, or simply being old and in need of replacement.

Insulation Materials

  • Cellulose is a natural moisture absorber and retainer made from recycled paper. This insulation is for fireproofing and insect resistance, and it is densely packed to prevent airflow.
  • Fiberglass is a sustainable material made from recycled glass and sand that is inherently fire-resistant and non-combustible. Fiberglass, unlike cellulose, does not absorb water.
  • Mineral wool, also known as Rockwool, is composed of minerals like basalt, diabase, and blast furnace waste. Natural fire resistance, non-combustibility, and thermal efficiency are all features of the materials. It also doesn’t hold or absorb water.

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Insulation Methods

  • Faced Insulation– Faced insulation is installed in exterior walls, cellars, and attic ceilings by tightly pushing the substance into the wall cavity.
  • Unfaced Insulation – Because it lacks a vapor retarder, unfaced insulation is for inside wall applications and rooms with limited external exposure (living rooms, dining rooms, offices).
  • Spray Foam Insulation– As the name implies, this is a foamy insulation technology that insulates while also acting as an air barrier.