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Things you can do with LED aquarium lights

LED lighting presents numerous benefits over conventional forms of aquarium illumination. LED lighting is becoming a highly feasible option to traditional aquarium lamps, offering high energy efficiency, fantastic color and shimmering effects, and extended waterproof aquarium light lifespan. To help you get through your Led bulbs, we’ve compiled a concise list do’s for utilizing LEDs:

Explore the different color combination

LEDs are already available in a wide range of color spectrums and mixes, so don’t limit yourself to just one or two. These useful color charts would assist you in determining which color spectrum will best complement the colors in your tanks: freshwater or salty water. Install an RGB Panoramic Pro Modules for nearly infinite color combinations in case you want to really experiment with different hues!

 Play with dimming your LEDs

Dimmers are excellent for changing brightness and may also be utilized for color mixing. If you’re utilizing different LED color spectrums, experiment with lowering one and raising the intensity of another! Darkening your LEDs can help improve the life of the bulb and save you money on electricity!

 Ventilate your LED’s and heat sinks

LEDs do not transport warmth into the tank, however they do emit some heat upwards, and overheating could significantly reduce the longevity of a LED chip. That is why it is critical to keep them cooled. Make sure there is enough air movement all across LED light strips and that heat can escape easily vertically and across the heating element. Use a coolant fan if you’re placing them in canopies.