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Why must you encourage your young family member to play with clay?

Are you an elder sibling whose parent has stressed your young sibling to engage in clay modeling? If yes, you must encourage your little brother to play with clay based on your opinion post reading the below benefits of the activity. Also, request your guardian to admit your loving family member to an entity that provides the best art enrichment classes singapore.

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Motor skills
  • Therapy

Problem-solving skills: Problems are everywhere, some are easy to crack whereas some take a longer time to solve. By letting a youngster engage in clay art, you are allowing them to accept a challenge. For example, you could tell the player to make clouds, they will use their thinking and creativity to make the same.

Motor skills: Clay is soft and relaxing to the touch. It is easier to create any art. However, children whose hands are beginning to get stronger will learn to use their limbs joyfully. They will enjoy the process of moulding the material to make different shapes and sizes of art.

Therapy: Believe it or not, indulgence in art classes is a therapy for any individual. Just like adults, kids will express their feelings and thoughts through art. In a way, it is a coping mechanism for young buds.

Bottom line

From the above, it is evident that enrichment activities such as clay sculpture can be recommended for kids as it promotes problem-solving skills, motor skills and is a form of therapy.