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    Works on Paper Bernaerts Auctioneers. A renewed threat to tax Chinese art imports into the US, including those from the UK, would harm the local antiques trade and instead benefit China, US trade officials have heard. The Chinese are known for their beautiful jade jewelry such as amulets, bracelets, and pendants. Contact Info. My buyers are from all over the U. The Chinese and Asian art markets, have values become predictable?
    asian art dealers in switzerland asian art dealers in switzerland

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    Auctioneers and Appraisers

    My buyers are from all over the U. There is no risk and I can provide a complete list of references! You are paid first before any art is shipped. Answer: I do not pressure people to sell me art, I actively buy art, but I do not make a living by it, you are free to sell to whomever you want. I have an active roster of clients who will purchase, or you can find one on your own, sell to a dealer or try the auction route. You would only need this if you are going to insure your art or to help in settling an estate. To do this I must actually see the high resolution photos of the piece, examine and document before I can give a written appraisal.
    asian art dealers in switzerland asian art dealers in switzerland

    Auctions Featuring Your Followed Artists

    Over the decades we've bought, sold and brokered the full spectrum of objects in this market on a daily basis. We can advise and guide you on what is in high demand with strong values and most importantly navigate the market for you when selling or buying. We've seen first-hand the evolution of the Chinese and Asian art collecting as it expanded over the years. The changes have been stunning in ways that were unimaginable nearly 40 years ago. We also believe we represent buyers and sellers better than anyone in New England. Auctions: As experienced, licensed auctioneers, we can sell your collections directly, or arrange to have them sold anywhere in the world. Rare 18th C.
    asian art dealers in switzerland asian art dealers in switzerland
    Asian culture has provided the world with some of the most exquisite works of art known to man. Everything from beautifully painted scrolls and hand sculpted jade to detailed bronzes and intricate ceramics have become treasured antiques through the centuries. Asian antiques are often categorized according to their region of origin. A few of these general areas include China, Japan, Korea, and Tibet. Chinese art includes delicate ceramics and classically designed blue and white pottery.
    asian art dealers in switzerland asian art dealers in switzerland

    Art Auction Results

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