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    Sexual harassment in the workplace is a traumatic experience that seeps into all aspects of your life. If someone makes repeated advances, punishes an employee for refusal, or begins stalking an employee, for example, that person has acted unlawfully. A labor and employment attorney would be able to help if a complaint has been filed. Wages and Overtime Pay. Claim Your Profile Read More. Because sexual harassment can sometimes be a subjective experience, lawsuits in this area are most successful when the victim and attorney are able to demonstrate a clear pattern of harassment, even after having taken steps to prevent the harassment or alert the appropriate authorities of its existence. Myers, Florida, and Sarasota, Florida.
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    Sexual Harassment Cases

    In too many instances, the playing field is still not level. We represent women in cases involving sexual harassment, hostile work environment, pregnancy discrimination, and Equal Pay Act violations. We are committed to leveling the playing field and protecting employee rights in Southwest Florida. If you are a victim of sexual harassment, if your pregnancy has resulted in an adverse employment action, or if you are not receiving equal pay for equal work, please call us now. Sexual harassment is an incredibly harmful and dangerous form of discrimination that persists in the workplace today in seemingly epidemic proportions. No one is immune.
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    Complaint Systems

    Sexual harassment constitutes unwanted advances by an employer, co-worker, an agent of the employer, or even a non-employee, toward a person of either gender in the workplace. Sexual harassment can also be experienced by those who are not the direct targets of the harassment, but have been negatively impacted by the behavior of the aggressor. However, sexual harassment must be unwanted. If the conduct of the aggressor in the case was welcomed and encouraged, the behavior of the aggressor is not considered to be harassment. Consensual affairs between co-workers, or between bosses and employees, for example, are not considered sexual harassment. A labor and employment attorney would be able to help if a complaint has been filed. When a person feels they are being sexually harassed, they should file a complaint with the employer or with the employer's human resources department.
    sexual harrassment attorneys sexual harrassment attorneys
    By John D. Winer August 16, With the arrival of the MeToo movement, one of the last industries to… read more. Written by John D. Winer Air travel is a strange proposition. Between the time doors on the plane close and… read more. Written by John Winer August 3, In the average hotel, a guest will find a front desk in the… read more. This broad definition includes a wide variety of offensive behaviors and same sex harassment based on gender that subjects colleagues to a hostile work environment.
    sexual harrassment attorneys sexual harrassment attorneys

    Sexual Harassment

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